Pardon the rubble!

Since 2007, PT AirWatchers has been a hub for organizing around cleaning up pollution from Jefferson County WA’s largest polluter by any measure, the Port Townsend Paper Corporation.

This site will undergo a fair amount of change, especially while learning the web management software and experimenting with what makes it easy for YOU to find information, to share your information and experiences, and most importantly, to connect with others and to take action.

You’ve asked for a community forum. I’m pleased to say that that’s on its way!

Three action items are before us immediately, so rather than wait to be polished I hope you can look past the rough edges and find this information to be useful.

I’m excited about getting this site up and running, and hope that you are, too.

So, welcome, please forgive the rubble, take action on what’s here so far, and please come back often to see what’s new.

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