What’s that Stench? Report it!

call or email 360-407-7393  anfr461@ecy.wa.gov

Speak with Angie Fritz or Stephanie Ogle,  WA Dept of Ecology, official regulators over the mill

Tell them what they need to know!

Date/Time – your Location – Description* – Intensity 1-10 – any effect on you

Description (rotten eggs, chemically, wet dog, turpentine, …) gives them an idea of what process at the mill is causing the problem

“Effect on you” is really important. Include any health related and how it affects how you went about your day – disrupted sleep, annoyance, couldn’t air out house, left the area, interrupted activities. That’s the “use and enjoyment of property” part of the law.

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Discussion and further resources:

  • Scroll to the bottom of this post for more contacts with the role that each entity plays
  • Ecology works off of reports that we individually and directly make to them

What does reporting do?

  • This is our paper trail that’s needed, to make our case that the mill’s stench negatively affects our lives, that we object to it, and that we are trying to get something done about it.
  • Stephanie Ogle and Angie Fritz at Ecology follow up with the mill to find out what was happening and make corrections. It keeps the heat on to at least fix what’s already there.
  • These individual direct reports are what Ecology automatically “counts” when anyone asks “how many complaints have been made about the mill?”
  • Ecology’s reports include locations of stench, which helps establish where and how far away we are affected by the  mill’s toxic fumes.

Who else to tell?

  • WA State Department of Ecology, Industrial Section – 360-407-7393
    • anfr461@ecy.wa.gov
    • Angie Fritz or Stephanie Ogle
  • The mill – 360-385-4224
    • community_relations@ptpc.com
    • especially if it needs action “right now”. The mill sends these to Ecy in a monthly report but Ecology doesn’t automatically include them in their count of complaints. The mill doesn’t record where the stench was experienced in the community. If you want a record of these complaints, you have to ask Ecology for them specifically in your PRR, otherwise only complaints made directly to Ecology by individuals will be included and ones made to the mill won’t.
  • PT City Council – 360-385-3000
    • citycouncil@cityofpt.us
    • http://www.cityofpt.us/index.htm
  • Jefferson County Commissioners – 360.385.9100
    • jeffbocc@co.jefferson.wa.us
    • http://www.co.jefferson.wa.us/commissioners/default.asp
  • Jefferson County Board of Health – 360-385-9400
    •  jdanskin@co.jefferson.wa.us
    • http://www.jeffersoncountypublichealth.org/
  • Facebook MillOdorous page
    • https://www.facebook.com/groups/millodorous/
    • Nancy maps complaints posted to the page and periodically sends them to officials.
    • While Ecology does not include these in their regulatory record, the continuous drip-feed keeps a host of officials well aware that we’re here and the problem is real!
  • Anywhere else that you feel will make people aware.



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