Today, Ecology issues final updated Clean Air Rules for WA State

This morning WA Dept of Ecology sent out this letter announcing their final version of their updated implementation of the federal Clean Air Act rules (aka “SIP”=State Implementation Plan). PTAW and numerous other environmental groups submitted comments critiquing it as kow-towing too much to corporate interests (link to comments is in the letter below).

You can also see PTAW’s comments on this site in an earlier post. The *draft* rule let PTPC off scott free on carbon pollution for the foreseeable future, by not counteracting the free ride that they get because of the legislature having conveniently defined away 90% of their carbon emissions. We called Ecology out on that point, saying that it makes a mockery of their carbon reduction claims.

The result? Read the docs contained at links in the letter below and either comment here or send me your thoughts. I had to work today so haven’t read the rule yet, but suspect that PTPC once again gets away not being held to meaningful standards. But not to be too negative – maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised?

——–Ecology’s announcement of Thursday 2016-09-15 ——–

Good Morning,

In an effort to protect all that Washington has to offer future generations, the Washington Department of Ecology has adopted a rule to combat climate change.

Under Ecology’s new rule, businesses that are responsible for 100,000 metric tons of carbon pollution annually will be required to cap and then gradually reduce their emissions. These businesses, as well as state and federal facilities regulated under the rule, will need to show their emissions are declining by an average of 1.7 percent each year starting in 2017.

The Clean Air Rule reflects comments, concerns, and suggestions from businesses and industry, environmental stakeholders, and the general public. Ecology proposed the Clean Air Rule in May 2016 and accepted public comments through July 22, 2016.

Please see the attached Rule Adoption Notice for more information. If you are unable to view the attachment, click here to see the Rule Adoption Notice online. We also encourage you to stop by the Clean Air Rule Timeline, Public Involvement, and Documents webpages for information on and material related to the rulemaking process. Ecology’s Concise Explanatory Statement, our response to public comments, is available to view and download on the Documents webpage.

Best regards,

Sam Wilson
Air Quality Planner, Air Quality Program
Washington State Dept. of Ecology
(360) 407-6837

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