Destruction of Santa’s Home ?!?!?!?

Can it be, that WE in Port Townsend may be helping to destroy the home of one of our most beloved?

Sadly, we might be party to this disaster if we continue to ignore the biggest local source os greenhouse gases — the Port Townsend Paper Mill.

How much greenhouse gas does “the mill” emit?

This single facility contributes more greenhouse gases to this collective disaster than the entire rest of Jefferson County combined!

From 2010-2015, the mill has averaged 590,000 metric TONS of greenhouse gases, depending on production — versus 537,000 for the rest of Jefferson County, WA.*

That is, all other industries, businesses, homes, vehicles, schools, woodstoves, you name it, combined!

*(sources of data: EPA online data resources; Jefferson County Climate Action Committee report)

So, this season, when you’re thinking “global warming” or “climate change” think, “elephant in the room: the Port Townsend Paper Corporation.”

Do your part to reduce YOUR greenhouse gas footprint, and please join with us to get the Port Townsend Paper Corporation to reduce theirs!

It will take all of us doing our parts to save Santa’s home!

On this merriest of days, let’s turn our thoughts to protecting the home of someone who has given merry and bright days to all of us!

Best wishes for the season from your friends at PT AirWatchers to you and those you love!

(By the way, to support the work of PT AirWatchers in bringing you truth and information about pollution from the Port Townsend Paper Mill, please click on the “DONATE” button at the right side of this page!)

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