Calling all “Mill Stink” Stories!

Send us your “mill stink” stories!

At PTAW, we have a request now and periodically get requests for stories about how the mill’s stink affects people, the effect that the mill’s fumes and other pollution has on our health and our experience of living here. We’d like to collect many, so that when a request like that comes up, we can share, omitting identifying information of course.

For instance, right now we’re working with a group that wants to illustrate with 1 or 2 personal stories, what people’s experience in terms of health has been from short or long term exposure to this kraft pulp mill’s fumes.

If you have something to say, please jot down your thoughts and send them to us at ptawdirector at zoho daht com, privately or publicly at our PT AirWatchers Facebook group, or via our “Contact Us” link at

It doesn’t have to be polished, it just has to be your experience! Rough notes are better than not sharing. We can expand and polish if needed.


Image Source*: Why Uncover & Tell Your Story…? Here’s Why!

( *I like his illustration and his notes on “why” to tell our stories. Send yours to us!)



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