2017-09-23 PTAirWatchers.org Webpage Update

As I sit here two miles from the Port Townsend Paper mill having to wear a fume mask and my eyes are burning as they have a few times a day for the last several weeks, while that disgusts & sickens me, I’m pleased to present this webpage update for you at PTAirWatchers.org:

-Better menu structure (a start, anyway)

-Bookmark our page on where to Report the Stink!

-Links to Facebook pages PTAirWatchers, a space to jump in and discuss the whole issue of the mill and its pollution with an eye toward figuring out what to do about it. And MillOdorous, dedicated to mapping the mill’s ongoing stench and pollution with your input.

-Links to EPA’s Envirofacts. These take you to a whole host of information about Port Townsend Paper mill, its registrations, current emissions, violations and penalties, lists of chemicals and so on.  Explore! Check it out!

I’ll be working on data summaries and other information that’s been requested, such as who’s in charge of what. If you want to see particular information, want to get involved or have good sources for what we need to know, please contact us through the Contact link on these pages. Thanks for being interested and being willing to get involved!

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