Report the Mill Smell Here’s How

It’s so tempting to feature a “Horton Hears the Who” image when talking about reporting the mill’s smell or any positive actions, but I suspect that could quickly become like the “One Tin Soldier” song some decades back that like fire became used by all sides in myriad questions to punctuate just how aggrieved they were. (Although Horton Hears the Who has a much gentler tenor and a sweeter outcome.)

Horton Hears a Who is a light way to take encouragement that your voice creates the groundswell for action, however slow that action is.

Reporting Port Townsend Paper’s mill smell when it accosts your senses and intrudes on an otherwise potentially peaceful and pleasant day is a step that you can take to create the “consistent pressure consistently applied” that we need to fix the issue.

How? Start here — we tell who to report to, along with a Reporting FAQ, and, give a Facebook page that hosts a community mapping project that produces a monthly map to keep the issue, not only in our noses, but in front of those of officials.

Thank you for reading — and acting!



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