Jobs? Marine Trades Provide 1,154 Direct Jobs

Who is Port Townsend, WA’s largest employer?

Marine Trades provide 1,154 direct jobs in Jefferson County, WA. That’s a number to store in your pocket, and a great reason to support the maritime trades. (Spoiler alert: that’s over four times as many as the company most cited.)


This graphic from a study released in July 2018 further quantifies the role of Marine Trades in our local economy:

  •  average wage $47,583 per employee
  • $337million of total economic value to the region
  • $12.6 million to state and local taxes.




The Port Townsend Marine Trades Association, wishing to get a handle on the role of marine trades to our area, commissioned a study by Martin & Associates to answer that question.

Their report, released in July 2018 and featured in 2019 Working Waterfront, a supplement to the January 30, 2019 issue of the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader, reveals that role as “Significant!”

Port Townsend Marine Trades Association: 2018 Study, Jeffco WA Economic Impact of Marine Trades

Economic Impact


PT Leader Feature in Working Waterfront 2019: Study shows impact of maritime trades

People come up with all kinds of answers with qualifiers when asked what employer contributes the most jobs in the county. The company most often cited — Port Townsend Paper — provides about 280, yet this industry, the marine trades, provides more than four times as many!

We are privileged to live by the sea.

1,154 direct jobs. Here’s solid proof that marine trades continue to be vital in our modern lives, and are in fact one of the largest employers in the county.

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