Current PTPC Water Lease with City will Not be Renewed (but a new one will be made)

2019 March 29 Today’s news in the Peninsula Daily News is important enough to quote at length. The current contract will not be renewed: a new one is in negotiation. Speak with our City Councillors and Manager about how these decades of considerations to the mill have shifted burdens onto other existing and potential businesses, and the need finally to even the playing field.

City of Port Townsend, paper company need updated water lease

PT Airwatchers page with important facts and PTPC’s current lease agreement

Key quotes from the article:

“What was allowed 50 years ago is not allowed today,” Timmons said. “We have to update the program and then transition from the old agreement to the new agreement.”

Timmons said 100 years of history exists between the city and the mill. The question is how to move forward and comply with state law.

“The lease isn’t in the correct form in today’s world.”

But it’s not just about “form”:

Timmons said if the city were to give the use of the water to the mill as a gift, it would need to demonstrate equal value received.

Indeed, it has been a gift to the mill! Equal value needs to be calculated on a par with other commercial users. Our call is for the City to create a new contract that requires the mill to pay its fair share, as the rest of us have been expected to do for lo these many years.


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