Leak me an ocean: PTPC’s leaky plumbing

Port Townsend Paper’s plumbing is ancient and creaky, just like everything else there. But upon hearing that despite good work by the mill’s plumbing staff, something north of 10% of the water that comes to the mill is lost just through bad plumbing and system leaks, I was amazed.

Given the mill’s usage of 400,000,000 gallons per month, 10% is a lot of water! At this point, we don’t have a good handle on the specifics, but considering the mill’s age and condition, it’s not implausible.

We at home are advised to get low-flow toilets and fix dripping faucets to protect precious water resources – yet the mill may be pissing away millions of gallons every month due to even worse plumbing issues?

In an odd way, it would be welcome to learn that there’s a good reason for that degree of water loss — or that the numbers are way off. Otherwise, it’s a stunning waste of a resource that the rest of us are subsidizing for the mill, and we would at least expect that to be fixed.

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Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

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