This stinks! Who can I call about Port Townsend Paper’s Fumes?

WA Dept of Ecology Industrial Section (DOE), and, if you’re on facebook, MillOdorous, are the two key places to report when fumes from the Port Townsend Paper mill (PTPC) intrude on your day.

Copy the handy email template below and tell them:

Date  Time  Location  Description  Intensity(1-10)  Effect

Read more about reporting at PTAW’s Reporting FAQ

To see the periodic community maps Mill Odor Report Maps

• WA Dept of Ecology is the official enforcer of Clean Air Act laws for PTPC and similar industries. Reports to them create an official record of the mill’s toxic trespass and the effect of its fumes on the community. That record is used for immediate action, and most importantly, builds a paper trail for future remedies.

Contact DOE at 360-407-7393

Shingo Yamazaki <>

Angie Fritz <>

Note: the Regional Clean Air Agency (ORCAA is ours), does not oversee a few companies, PTPC among them, which are instead under WA DOE for oversight.

•  MillOdorous is a community mill-odor mapping to provide officials with a regular snapshot of where we experience the mill’s fumes. To join the group, follow the link and contact the page’s admin. As members submit date, location, intensity and comments, volunteers pin a map and regularly send the most recent map(s) and comments to a host of officials who should be watching out for our well-being. This keeps them aware so that we can hold them to action, and provides support when they decide to do so — besides being a reality check that you’re not alone, and a lot of us suffer under the mill’s fumes.

Use this simple email template when you report to DOE.  OUR COLLECTIVE LUNGS AND HEALTH THANK YOU!

To: “Shingo Yamazaki” <>, “Angie Fritz” <>

Subject: PTPC Odor & Fumes report for [date(s)]

Body text:

Odor/Fume report re Port Townsend Paper Corporation

Submitted by:




Intensity (1-10):

Odor Description:

Noise, Haze, Other: x


It affected my use and enjoyment of property and/or Affected health, safety or welfare, or causes damage to property or business