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Since 2007!

Findings show hydrogen sulfide emissions from Arkansas paper mill over limit

Story for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette by Eric Besson, Emily Walkenhorst.  Originally published March 25, 2018, updated March 26, 20 CROSSETT — The release of hydrogen sulfide by a Georgia-Pacific paper mill here went unchecked and unregulated for decades, company officials said, and people who live nearby blame the toxic gas for their labored breathing. …

Dirty Little Secrets: New Jersey’s Poorest Live Surrounded by Contamination – WNYC News – WNYC

An investigation by [radio station] WNYC finds most of the state’s poorest residents are living near a contaminated site with no plan in place to clean it up. And it’s not entirely clear whether anybody even knows with certainty what the risks are. According to an analysis by WNYC’s Data News Team, 89 percent of …