Water Contracts between the City of Port Townsend (Lessor) and Port Townsend Paper Corp (Lessee), March 1928 through March 15, 2020.

  1. 1928. Water lease 1 PT City and Mill 03-03-1928 pdf

2. 1944. Water Lease 2, PT City and mill 08-07-1944 pdf

3. 1956. No 3 1956 Water Lease City Port Townsend-Mill

4. 1983. No 4 1983 Water Lease Modification City Port Townsend-Mill

For related City ordinances, resolutions and meeting minutes, go to  and search on “national paper” “crown” “mill”  and/or contact the Jefferson County Records Department in the Courthouse.

July 2007 Goal Setting for Water Use Efficiency. Elements of Port Townsend’s water system a/o 2007, supply, treatment, distribution, construction history, volume, etc. Relates year-by-year overall use of PT water system, promises made, etc.