Mapping PTPC Mill Odors & Fumes

Updated with new maps: 2019-02-17

How far does the mill’s plume extend? Where can I get away from it? We get that question a lot.

These maps, below, give periodic snapshots of where people are report the mill’s nasty plume, starting from 2015.

It’s a community mapping project by people who have joined the Facebook group MillOdorous, starting in 2015 (contact the page admin to join!).

Members report where and when they experience the mill’s fumes, which gets “pinned” on a map. A volunteer periodically sends map updates to a host of officials and others who need to be aware that the mill’s fumes are an ongoing issue for us, and hopefully, will support them in acting to protect our collective well-being.

It’s a conversation: Lack of a pin doesn’t say “no smell here!” — not surprisingly pins ebb and flow as the winds shift seasonally, as well as when people learn about the project, and are in or out of town in a given month.

The big point, though, is presence of any pins says that the mill’s fumes go beyond their fenceline regularly and nearly constantly, and have negatively impact us and our lives.

We hope that over time, these build a fuller picture of the extent of the plume and seasonal shifts with the winds — and lead to action to reduce or eliminate the mill’s ongoing “toxic trespass”.

New maps will be added as they become available.

Hover over & click on the images below to view maps and their dates.

When odor and fumes that cross the fenceline from PTPC (Port Townsend Paper Corporation) and intrude on your day, report it to the WA Dept of Ecology and at the mapping project at MillOdorous.

See “This stinks! Who can I call?”

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