Donald Trump nominations list – the environment is counting on YOU to guide outcome

Trump’s cabinet appointees will affect clean air, water and land in Port Townsend.

Yes! Even in the past few years, people in the positions listed below have made policy in their departments that directly affect how much pollution PT Paper is allowed to make or tools available to us for holding them accountable. (Not to mention the degree to which policy is based on actual reality versus “alt facts”. But we digress.)


Here’s what to do: Using the tools below, as part of your daily action routine, comment to legislators on nominees current for the day, to the positions listed. We have a flurry of actions coming up, so scan this and make a nice pace for yourself. Breathe, have a nice cup of tea, pace yourself, and know that you’ve done a bit of good for the environment on that day.

Drop me a line, OR post on Facebook when you’ve taken action (ptairwatchers or millodorous or other Port Townsend page) to encourage others.

If you think of useful modifications to this post, drop me a line and we’ll add to the post.


Cabinet nominee trackers

Nominee list, updated:

Washington Post


Analysis of major nominees:

The Atlantic


The process, and how Dems shot themselves in the foot


* our featured image is from WaPo, 2017-01-09, the “process” article


Offices/positions of especial interest to our cause

Look to the Washington Post’s nominee tracker to see who’s nominated for these positions.

Dept of State:

Assistant secretary for energy resources

Assistant secretary for oceans and international, environmental and scientific affairs

Departments of:




Health & Human Services

under “Justice”

Assistant attorney general for the environment and natural resources division

Labor, especially OSHA nominee

Transportation (Elaine Chao appointed, 19 remain to be filled)


under “Executive Office of the President”

Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy

Assoc dir for environment

Assoc dir for science

EPA, all positions

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Federal Trade Commission


Arguably, also:

Northern Border Regional Commission

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

OSHA Review Commission


Don’t get overwhelmed, get active! Love to all!

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