City Manager Hiring Survey No more free water for mill, clean up stink Due Fri 12-14-2018

The City of Port Townsend is seeking a new City Manager, and requests input from Citizens on what are our most important issues?

“After 20 years as Port Townsend’s first City Manager, David Timmons is leaving this position in June of 2019. So we need your help!”

Whether you’ve already submitted a survey or not, please submit one and make sure that they hear loud and clear:

  • Stop the giveaway of $millions in free water to Port Townsend Paper
    • Port Townsend Paper’s 100 year old water contact with the City water expires in March 2020, so the time to correct it is NOW.
    • PTPC uses more water than all other users combined, yet maintenance that they do is worth less than 10% of the value of the water that they use.
  • Clean up the mill’s stink and other pollution! While the mill is barely outside of city limits, its pollution harms daily life and business within the city, and entitlements to the mill waste taxpayer money.

Ask for a City Manager who will protect us, stop covering for the mill, and make the mill pay its own way instead of leaning on taxpayers.

From the City of Port Townsend’s Manager Recruitment page:

After 20 years as Port Townsend’s first City Manager, David Timmons is leaving this position in June of 2019. So we need your help!

The City Manager, with the City Council, turns the community’s vision, as expressed in our Comprehensive Plan, our functional plans and our strategic plan, into everyday reality. Operating at the heart of municipal government, the City Manager bridges the gap between City Council and administration.

This fall, the City Council appointed a Community Task Force to propose, based on public input, the profile for the next City Manager to be used in the recruitment process. This group, from across the Port Townsend community, created the enclosed survey and would like you to fill it out  The deadline for survey responses is December 14th.

We also invite you to attend a Public Conversation on the topic on Thursday, November 29, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. in the Cotton building at 607 Water Street, Port Townsend, WA.

We will compile the responses and make a report to the City Council. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this important role in our community.

• The Community City Manager Recruitment Task Force: Catharine Robinson, Chair, Jean Camfield, John Collins, John Nowak, Kris Morris, Liesl Slabaugh, Malcolm Dorn, Ned Herbert, NormTonina, Samantha Thomas, Sarah Rubenstein, Siobhan Canty, & Tim Caldwell.

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  1. Dustylowell

    I want the new city manager to take the Mill odor seriously. It’s toxic, blankets many people’s property and causes health problems.
    Furthermore, its high time the Mill pay for its water usage!!

    1. Post
      PT AirWatchers

      Yes, he starts his job today, November 1, 2019, doesn’t he? He’ll have a lot on his plate getting started, but we all need to educate him on the real toll that PTPC’s pollution and subsidies have on us.

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