EPA Data Widgets

Get the original data on Port Townsend Paper via the sources below. Two good starting points:

Port Townsend Paper Spews [link pending]

EPA’s MyRightToKnow for PTPC


“Moving parts” including raw data on what they spew, compliance and penalties, registrations, about some of the toxins and cleanup.

What’s not addressed here [link pending]

Enter 98368 into the widgets below and after the page fully comes up, click through on the button marked “List and map facilities”.

Air-Water-Land Pollution

A. Toxic Release Inventory – air, water, land on-site and off-site. Select toxic chemicals that Port Townsend Paper spews — specifically to the region’s air; to Admiralty Inlet and Port Townsend Bay; into acres of on-site landfill; and certain pollutants that are too toxic even for PTPC’s site so it’s trucked to a landfill in Oregon.

B. Greenhouse gases — Port Townsend Paper spews 500-600,000 tons of CO2e into the air every year! For total, add the four gases under “Total Emissions by Gas” — because the atmosphere and chemistry don’t care what the source is. They respond the same.

C. Criteria Pollutants – 6 major large quantity pollutants
[Looking for a data source for PTPC’s numbers.]

D. Solid Waste/Land
RCRA/Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
You have to click on the PTPC icon on the map or scroll down and click on the permit # to get the data. 20-30 TONS/2years of especially toxic stuff – how much of what? where is it dumped?

Compliance and penalties


About the Port Townsend Paper company – databases that detail the facility, registrations, emissions, power generation, regulatory oversight, environmental reporting, etc. etc.

B. FRS/Federal Registry System

C. TRI Risk Screening – How toxic is the site?

5. Cleanups

Turn on and off “Layers” within each widget. Interesting info on monitors in the area.

Cleanups, generally

Brownfield Cleanups

6. Other / Overview
My Environment” has some good information, in particular MyWater shows that the waters near PT Paper — Admiralty Inlet and Port Townsend Bay — are “Impaired”.

However, it fails to reflect 80% of the 550-650,000 tons of CO2e that PTPC spews annually. The Greenhouse Gas widget above has the full numbers.

About chemicals that PTPC spews, and more.

TSCA/Toxic Control Substances Act

B. TRI/Toxic Release Inventory